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Candid portrait of Richard Fomo.  Producer, DP, Editor.
Photo of Fomo at Beacon Hill location of “behind-the-scenes” short film of fashion photo shoot.  Fomo operates a camera jib.

Following are video demo reels representing different types of production

Located in Boston, Richard Fomo Productions provides production and editing services for all types of media projects in New England.  For production companies and producers, Richard is a Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Cloud editor and a videographer with creative lighting and solid audio skills.  He puts clients at ease, thinks creatively on the spot and knows when to offer advice.


For businesses, non-profits and individuals who desire to work with small teams or someone who  wears all the hats, Richard

Fomo Productions can provide cost-effective, documentary-style stories that get to the point and emotionally resonate.  Your customers want to know that they will get something of value. Richard does offer video recording services; but more importantly, he makes stories that convince, that form bridges to new knowledge.  So whatever the venue: YouTube, social media, cable TV,  trade show or convention hall; make your message clear and authentic.  Richard Fomo Productions is dedicated  to real communication.


Richard Fomo has been working in professional film and video production since  1996. This highlights video shows camera, lighting, audio and directing skills used in a wide variety of productions:  business promotion, company or personal profiles, interviews, customer or patient testimonials, product demonstrations, personal tributes, fund-raising appeals, entertainment, documentary and documentation of openings, meetings, conferences, trade shows, recitals, performances, theater,  and other events.

This series of clips concentrates on Richard’s videography and editing skills related to business promotion and profiling, customer testimonials, demonstration of products and services and employee communications.  Roles and productions are identified along the bottom of the video frame.

The events & non-profit sector reel demonstrates Richard Fomo’s video recording and editing services related to all types of trainings, meetings,  presentations and events and to productions for non-profit and artistic enterprises.

The clips in this reel feature various documentary productions in which Richard served as cameraman, editor or both.  The projects are mostly trailers made for independent film producers and episodes edited for made-for-PBS TV series like “The Visionaries.”  Roles and productions are identified along the bottom of the video frame.

The clips in this reel feature entertainment oriented fare in which Richard served as cameraman, editor or both; and, in one case, also as producer for a “behind the scenes” video.  The projects are mainly short-form films and trailers made for independent film and TV producers and one fashion photographer.  Roles and productions are identified along the bottom of the video frame.

Richard Fomo.  Producer, Director, Lighting Cameraman, Editor.

Fomo at Beacon Hill location of “behind-the-scenes” short film of fashion photo shoot



Author Chris Bohjalian as host of TV series, "Idyll Banter."  Bohjalian holds paintball gun as he addresses the camera.
African-American City Year trainee participates in class at annual mentor training in Boston.

Event documentation has included educational projects, like City Year mentor training, in addition to recording corporate presentations.

Film still from “Homesick” showing a woman who lives in an aluminum foiled room in order to eliminate any exposure to chemicals and pollutants.

I edited a fundraising trailer for a documentary film directed and produced by Susan Abod, who developed a little understood malady called “multiple chemical sensitivity.” People who suffer from MCS wage an extreme  battle to control their exposure to chemicals and pollutants.  The film was finally completed and released on DVD in 2013.

I had the good fortune to film author Chris Bohjalian in his role as the host and star of “Idyll Banter,” a since cancelled humorous Hallmark Channel TV magazine series about rural life in Vermont.

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