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Candid portrait of Richard Fomo.  Producer, DP, Editor.
Photo of Fomo at Beacon Hill location of “behind-the-scenes” short film of fashion photo shoot.  Fomo operates a camera jib.

Video demo reels categorized according to type of production or content


These demo reels represent the breadth of production and post production work Richard Fomo does and the level of skill and experience he has attained in 18 years of working as a freelance camera operator, editor, director of photography, video director and producer.  Richard works at all levels of the business, but favors creating video for small companies, non-profits and individuals who want a simple, small-bore approach to realizing their marketing and communications goals through audio-visual media.



Located in Boston, Richard Fomo Productions provides production and editing services for all types of media projects in New England.  For production companies and producers, Richard is a Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Cloud editor and a videographer with creative lighting and solid audio skills.  He puts clients at ease, thinks creatively on the spot and knows when to offer advice.


For businesses, non-profits and individuals who desire to work with small teams or someone who wears all the hats, Richard Fomo Productions can provide cost-effective, documentary-style stories that get to the point and emotionally resonate.  Your customers want to know that they will get something of value. Richard does offer video recording services; but more importantly, he makes stories that convince, that form bridges to new knowledge.  So whatever the venue: YouTube, social media, cable TV,  trade show or convention hall; make your message clear and authentic.  Richard Fomo Productions will help you to achieve that.


Richard Fomo.  Producer, DP, Editor.

Fomo at Beacon Hill location of “behind-the-scenes” short film of fashion photo shoot

Shooting Reel

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